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Leadership principles: your most powerful leadership development tool

Sana's chief of staff 奥利维亚精灵 and Jon Lexa Sana's president


人们加入萨那,做他们一生的工作. Although these clever minds know what they're doing, a helping hand never hurts. That's why we established our six core leadership principles. Like a toolbox, these principles equip our leaders to build the strongest teams. And become the greatest version of themselves along the way.

这六项原则为我们的领导人设定了期望. In every quarterly feedback cycle, we use them as evaluating criteria.

Codifying leadership principles requires self-reflection and projection. 我们必须明确我们今天是如何领导的,以及我们希望如何领导 领导明天. After a year of stress-testing these principles, we're sharing them with the world. 还有你自己的秘方.


1. 建立心理安全感

Psychological safety is the belief that no one will punish or humiliate you for sharing your thoughts or making mistakes. 这是一个高绩效团队最关键的动力.

In a psychologically-safe team, members dare to reach out for help. They ask "stupid" questions and challenge conventional truths. 在这样的环境中,他们成长和创新.


  • 问开放式问题. 积极而有目的地倾听.
  • Be the first person to say that you don't know and the last to express your opinion.
  • Be compassionate and encourage a person who challenges the status quo.
  • 榜样的脆弱性. 分享你从错误中吸取的教训.

2. 搜索全局最大值

做好事并不意味着它是最好的. 想象一下闭着眼睛爬山. You’ll know when you’ve reached the top because the ground stops ascending. But what if that mountain you’ve just climbed is the smallest mountain in the region? 你还有其他的高峰可以让你走得更高. 这个峰值就是全球最大值.

如果你陷入局部最大值, you're too busy putting out fires to realize the whole forest is burning. 你用长期的成功来换取短期的胜利. You conform to how others define your industry and its problems rather than defining it yourself.

这就是我们寻找全局最大值的原因. 避免渐进主义.


  • 执着于非客户,而不是客户.
  • Recognize and praise the team members determined to get to the root of problems, 那些再问一个“为什么”的人."
  • 与专业以外的人讨论问题. They come from a different perspective and will help you think outside the box.

3. 在场

一个在场的领导者会让每一次互动都有意义. They're in the here and now — focused on what's happening around them rather than what's behind or in front of them.

存在存在于多个层面上. 它从Slack通知这样简单的东西开始. Silence them in a meeting and give your colleague your full attention. On a deeper level, it's being aware of your impact on those around you. 并且能够感觉到团队成员何时需要帮助.


  • 每天与你的团队联系. Ask one more question to find out how each person is actually doing.
  • 在会议间隙给自己一些时间来调整. 即使只有5-10分钟.
  • 谈话时排除一切干扰.
  • 在远程会话期间打开相机.

4. 减少熵

The second law of thermodynamics states that the entropy of a closed system always increases. 除非受到外部影响, a system will always head towards a state of greater randomness and chaos. 组织是系统. 如果不采取行动,他们就会走向混乱.

在你的团队中减少熵是关于 创建焦点. 你用快速的决定取代了挥之不去的担忧. You make the difficult trade-offs and protect your team from too many emerging tasks.

Some problems need lots of entropy because they are complex. 这没关系. 集中精力消除不必要的熵, and you'll create the clarity your team needs to move forward.


  • Avoid involving people in the details of decisions that they aren’t directly affected by.
  • 定义团队的节奏, 仪式和工具. 并坚持下去.
  • 使用自上而下的沟通. 从大局开始,然后是它的组成部分.
  • 使用优先级框架来帮助决策.

5. 对学习比对正确更感兴趣

In today's world, striving to be right isn't only unrealistic. 这也让人筋疲力尽,效率低下.

当我们对学习更感兴趣的时候, we build psychological safety and create better outcomes for everyone. 要做到这一点,我们就要把自我留在门外. We seek diverse perspectives and work to disconfirm our beliefs. And when we are wrong, we have the integrity to admit it and the courage to change.

To be more interested in learning than in being right, you should:

  • Manage your energy to remain open and curious about new ideas.
  • 在表达你的观点之前,让团队分享他们的观点.
  • 准备好杀掉你的宝贝吧. If the data changes, don't stick to your previous point of view for the sake of winning an argument.

6. 限制细节的数量,使每个细节都完美

We achieve perfection not when there is nothing more to add but when nothing is left to take away. Antoine de saint - exupsamry说过.

添加是诱人的...只需再点击一下,框架,句子,指标,信息. 我们认为我们是在帮忙. 但是我们只是引入了更多的摩擦.

简化流程或产品需要时间和精力. 但这是值得的. With every line of code we delete, the codebase becomes easier to maintain. 每一句话我们都删掉, the strategy becomes more understandable and the messaging more powerful.

Limiting details connects closely with our fourth leadership principle. When your team focuses on doing fewer things well, you reduce entropy.

To limit the number of details and make every detail perfect:

  • 将你的团队目标简化为一个单一的目标. If you could only move one metric, which would it be and why?
  • 接受“一进一出”的原则. If you introduce a new task, which existing one will you take away?
  • Think about what you could remove from the product or process to make it more remarkable.


领导原则是强大的. 但只有当他们忠于你的组织时,他们才会起作用. 每个组织都是不同的.


Here are the five steps to creating your company's leadership principles:

1. 制作洗衣单

召集所有领导进行头脑风暴. Let them suggest any and every principle that comes to mind. 名单会很长,这是件好事.

2. 讨论并投票

Split your leaders into pairs and ask them to go through the list. They should prioritize what they believe will have the greatest impact on the organization. 然后重新组合,让每一组解释他们的候选名单.

3. 提出建议

After the session, it's time to craft your principles and share them with your leaders. 本着减少熵的精神, 理想情况下,让一个人负责, 就是那个促成会议的人.

4. 解释和教育

现在你有了原则,你需要澄清它们. 你为什么选择他们? 你们的领导人将如何体现这些品质? 什么是该做的和不该做的? 把这些都写下来,然后在全公司范围内分享你的原则. 将他们纳入入职,将他们添加到反馈评审中. Make them part of any rituals that touch upon your ways of working.

5. 重新审视对方,让对方负起责任

你的原则是活生生的向导, so you should work with them continuously and probe them regularly. Take each principle in turn and host a deep-dive session with your leaders. 或者在互相表扬的时候使用它们. Most importantly, challenge each other to stay true to them.

At Sana, our leadership principles have become our backbone. They have given us a common language and brought our leaders closer together. 最重要的是,他们让每个人都能做自己一生的工作. 这就是我们所能要求的.

Give all your leaders and managers the experience they deserve with Sana

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